Blue Marble Threads Sewing Services

My staff and I provide a full range of sewing and training services. Create an industrial sewing program for your company. The Blue Marble Threads studio is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but I will travel to your company’s location to teach industrial sewing to your production line employees.

In 2008 I developed the beginners class called, “Crash Course with a Sewing Machine“. This four hour class covers the basics of sewing, tools, use of pattern and construction of a simple project. I have also developed a proprietary curriculum for workforce training of industrial sewers and have taught this as a 192 hour course over eight weeks in partnership with Grand Rapids Community College.

Customized Training Programs

Quickly train new sewers to create your products. Performance indicators are used to ensure quality.

Customized Sewing Programs Created For Your Company

Upon completion participants will have working knowledge of machines and techniques used for your products. Learn more…

Crash Course with a Sewing Machine©

Four hour class covers the basics of sewing machine use and construction of a simple project.

Exclusively at Blue Marble Threads

This class covers sewing machine use, pattern use and construction of a simple project. Sewing Parties: Discounts for groups of 3 or more. Learn more…

Open Sew / Bring A Project

Access to a variety of machines including sergers and industrial. Tailoring and pattern making tools.

Coaching Available For Intermediate Students

A sewing test will be given at first visit to ensure knowledge of machine and pattern use. Crash Course with a Sewing Machine© suggested for beginners. Learn more…


Do you aspire to start your own line of designs? Are you an Interiors, Fashion or Industrial Design Student with a 3-D project?

From Vision To Completion, Blue Marble Threads Can Help

We can put the pieces together for you. We help you visualize the entire collection and create a perfected test sample for production. Learn more…