Customized Industrial Sewing Programs

The US-sewn product industry re-shoring effort has created a high demand for skilled sewers. The challenge is that we have two generations that did not learn to sew combined with an aging workforce. These factors necessitate an education to create the next generation of sewers. Attracting and retaining quality sewers is crucial to keeping pace with current industry demands.

Many companies try meeting this demand the hard way with spontaneous on-site training. Yet there are hidden cost of this kind of unstructured training:

1. Experienced sewers are removed from the line, costing employers 3-6 times more with interrupted training.

2.Without a specific checklist, many important details are missed. This increases the time new employees take to get up to speed.

3.Reactive training is rushed. It does not include follow-up to ensure that new employees are meeting quality standards until the damage is done.

4. Adult students have unique learning needs that require repetition & hands-on tasks to develop memory retention. However, a skilled trainer has an understanding of different learning styles.

Formal training puts companies a step ahead of their competition. Through training, craftsmanship is built into the company’s workforce, bringing with it pride, skills and motivation to get the job done to the highest standards. It ensures that employees work seamlessly together so that quality standards are met. The bottom line is that formal and professional training through Blue Marble Threads will improve your workforce’s value, quality and productivity.

Tailored to your company’s needs, our customized training efficiently and effectively trains new sewers. Size doesn’t matter, we have worked with everything from growing cottage industries to established international companies. We offer on-site, immersive day-long or week-long training for your team.  

We start with training your employees on machine use, troubleshooting issues and basic machine maintenance. We locate machine manuals, to ensure correct threading, which addresses the top two problems that occur with sewing. We work with all makes and models.

This training may cover:

  • Lockstitch machines.
  • Double needles.
  • Post.
  • Walking foot.
  • Overlocks- 3-5 thread.
  • Cover stitch.
  • Clutch and servo motors.
  • Attachments and presser feet.

LGG 1essons are then built around your specific products. Combining your products with our instructions and techniques, trainees learn how to do it right the first time.

Performance indicators are used throughout the course to ensure that all quality standards are met. All customized training syllabi also includes safety, ergonomics and lean manufacturing practices.

To finalize the process, we also train your trainer on-site and provide Industry Organizations of Standardization-ISO compatible lesson manuals for your company.

Contact us today to put your company ahead of the game in this highly competitive market.