Customized Industrial Sewing Programs

GG 1Customized Training Programs designed specifically for your company. Sewn product re-shoring efforts have created a high demand for knowledgeable sewers. In America we have two generations that did not learn to sew. We also have an aging workforce. Customized training keeps experienced sewers on the line and ensures that new sewers entering the team have the same basic skills to keep things running smoothly.

Performance indicators are used throughout  class to ensure quality and efficiency standards are met.  Quickly train new sewers to create your products.

Each customized training program includes safety, ergonomics and production systems.  An overview of the global industry is included to conceptualize the immense opportunities for advancement in this industry.

Basic machine maintenance such as changing needles, oiling machines and freeing thread jams are always included.

Techniques that can be included:

  • Welting
  • Serger_350Binding
  • Zippers
  • Buttons
  • Elastic
  • X box
  • Use of Patterns

Machines that can be included:

  • Flatbed walking foot
  • Overlock
  • Cover stitch
  • Post