The Benefits of Structured Training

The need is growing greater for a skilled workforce with good judgement to operate sewing machines. Achieving and maintaining craftsmanship is essential to keeping pace on modern plant floors. Formal training puts companies a step ahead of the competition. It ensures that employees work seamlessly together so quality standards are met.

〈 Hidden cost of not training 〉

1.)Employees conducting own training cost employers 3-6x more on unstructured haphazard training.

2.)Without a specific checklist of what is required for position many important details can be missed.

3.)Reactive training is hurried and does not include follow up to ensure new employees fully understand subject matter.

〈 Why Invest in a Structured Training Program? 〉

1.) Cheaper, efficient and more effective than informal training.

2.) Structured training gives employees the knowledge to think creatively and prevent problems.

3.) Structured training gives everyone an opportunity to Ask Questions, double check procedures, discuss ideas and review work instructions.

4.) Adult students have unique learning needs that require repetition & hands on experience to develop memory retention. A skilled trainer is a teacher with an understanding of different learning styles.

〈 Goals of Training 〉

1.) Craftsmanship built into workforce = Pride, Skills and Motivation.

2.) Improved quality and productivity.

3.) Employees who look for solutions and solve problems as they arise.

4.) Employees who understand employers expectations for performance.

5.) Foster independence and team collaboration for quality control.