A life path that came together one stitch at a time.

Starting when Camille’s mom gave her an unfinished robe for Christmas with pattern pieces haphazardly pinned to it, sewing became her life skill. Her mother was happy to give her seven year-old daughter access to her sewing room to complete the UFO (UnFinished Object). So began Camille’s lifelong journey of exploration of the world of sewing.

Impassioned by creativity and always eager to learn more, what was a girl to do? At 19, Camille became an assistant manager at Hancock Fabrics, spending her days frolicking amongst the textiles. She learned from the elders, which was her initiation into the Seamstress Sisterhood, where they shared all the “tricks” of the trade.

In 2003, Camille started seeking opportunities to put her tricks to the test. She began with alterations at David’s Bridal, contract sewing for Foxy’s Fitness and exhibits at art shows. With her knowledge of the environmental cost of fast fashion, she made a commitment that all of her products would be zero waste designs using upcycled fabric from sample books.

As more and more people asked her to sew, she started Blue Marble Threads, LLC. She offered professional seamstress services, sewing anything and everything to further develop her technical skills. This encompassed custom designs for fashion and interiors and marina with vintage restoration on the side. She also mentored designers through the manifestation of their collections and coached entrepreneurs to develop product lines for production. She also supported startups with small batch contract sewing.

In 2007, Camille came to realize that, unlike her, many people had never learned to sew. Born from her passion for teaching, she developed the Crash Course with a Sewing Machine©.  Upon completion of this class with the foundational skills of sewing, anyone can join this voyage with her. Her dedication to share her knowledge with all who are willing to learn became her mission in business and in life.

The growing demand in the US for industrial sewers led her further down the path of teaching. The inception of the Crash Course for Industrial Sewing workforce training began a partnership with Grand Rapids Community College’s Michigan Technical Education Center and customized training in 2014. Aiding companies to grow their businesses while empowering others with the art of sewing has brought realization to her infinite curiosity for the global sewn product industry. For now…..

To be continued.

Giving it away.

  • Collaboration with We Believe, We Become, HOY, Urban League of West Michigan, and UICA Art Works to provide internships for our youth.
  • Facilitated pop up work shops for summer youth programs ages 5-12.
  • Educating pre schoolers about how textiles and clothing is made from seed to clothing
  • Affiliate founding member of Mishagama Fibershed.