A life path that came together one stitch at a time.

Camille’s mother is a talented seamstress. She made everything from wedding dresses, men’s suits, home furnishings and dolls. Having six kids she had her own “clothing production line”. Growing up Camille frequented the sewing studio developing foundational skills. Recently her mom “retired” and Camille inherited vintage tools, out of print tailoring books and her PhD (projects half done).

By 19, Camille was an Assistant Manager at Hancock Fabrics. Immersed in the wonderful world of textiles. Exploring walls of notions and tools. Gaining the respect of co workers, twice her age, she was initiated into the Seamstress Sisterhood that holds the “secret” tricks of the trade.

Impassioned by the Art of Sewing. Always eager to learn more. What’s a girl to do? Since 2004, Camille has offered Professional Seamstress services to quench the thirst for mastery. Vintage reconstruction, product development and custom designs for fashion and interiors to name a few.

She started offering lessons in 2007. She quickly came to realize not every little girl learned to sew. Recognizing the gift her mother gave her she decided to share it with others. In order to do that she had to go all the way back to the beginning. So she developed a Crash Course with a Sewing Machine©.  Armed with the foundational skills for sewing any lady who gets a sewing machine, from her mother in law for Christmas, can learn to sew. She has only had three hopeless students. And if you’ve read this far, your probably not one of them.

Being approached by the local sewn product industry she heard the resounding bell. We have two generations that didn’t learn to sew and an aging workforce. In 2014 she developed the Crash Course for Industrial Sewing. In partnership with GRCC MTEC, she is now an instructor filling the demand for sewing machine operators. Dedicated to educating the next generation of sewers for the sewn product industry.

Giving it away.

  • Collaboration with We Believe, We Become, HOY and UICA Art Works to provide internships for our youth.
  • Facilitated pop up work shops for summer youth programs ages 5-12.
  • Educating pre schoolers about how textiles and clothing is made from seed to clothing
  • Affiliate founding member of Mishagama Fibershed.